Make an impact on the first impression

Extreme professionalism is the hallmark of the first impression. This concept really struck home for me when reading this great article on branding from Dynamic Business magazine.  As I am reading the article, I know long before I’m done reading that I am going to give this magazine and it’s staff other opportunities. Have you considered how to make that same impression in your business?

In my line of work, I consider knowledge, work ethic and honesty the most important traits that a software developer can bring to a project for a small business. I can apply extreme professionalism to each of these hallmarks. Extreme professionalism in knowledge comes from staying on top of the latest technologies by reading (too much I’ll admit), attending training and experimentation with new technology. Extremism in work ethic comes from always answering the phone, meeting clients at their convenience and on time, and always meeting a deadline. Extreme professionalism in honesty is applied by knowing how to communicate well when delivering good or bad news, explaining all options for a software solution and admitting when I am wrong.

If you don’t know how to make that first impression stronger than your competitors, you should consider reading up on the subject.  Here are a few tips:

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