Growing your software with your business

This article from The Times highlights the challenges and opportunities facing a business, and its underlying software, as it grows from small to medium in size.  The challenges are myriad but summed up succinctly here:

"it’s crucial to think about what exactly you want to change about your business, how it will affect your team’s day-to-day work, and where you want your business to be going in the next five or so years"

The opportunities though are immense.  Imagine enterprise wide visibility to your processes, integrated security and backup of your data.  A unified view may assist in answering customer inquiries, aid short and long term planning as well as more monitoring of your profit (and loss) centers.  Integrated security prevents data loss or misuse, provided all roles are properly defined.  Auditing can also be added to the core of any security routines.  There are a number of arguments against building into a system a "single point of failure" but data backups transcend this rule.  Having a "single point of restore" for any business software is invaluable.

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