Economic development in Phoenix, who knew?

I was so happy to see this article in the Denver Post.  If you are a regular reader of the Arizona Republic, you are probably convinced by now that Phoenix is falling behind in economic development in a number of areas.  Although the article is no manifesto, it does point out some of the positives in the Phoenix metro area.

There is no more important economic engine in Phoenix than Sky Harbor airport.  If you haven't read this magazine article from FastCompany, you should read up on the Rise of the Aerotropilis.  In effect, airports are becoming part of many business' production systems.  Products are required to be cheaper, faster and smaller and airports are the great enabler for global trade, i.e. the company that can make that product with those attributes can reach any market... overnight.

Our regional economy continues to expand as well.  We continue to be a more affordable alternative to southern California, thus providing a continuous stream of transplants.  The boomer generation and it's wave of retirees will continue to provide plenty of human capital, financial capital and a few consumers as well.  Land is still plentiful for building communities and assets that will continue to attract more and more to the greater Phoenix area.

All in all, I'm expecting tremendous growth in many fronts of economic development and am glad that others, even those outside the state, can appreciate it.  It's too bad the Arizona Republic doesn't seem to share the enthusiasm.

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