Software For Virtual Teams

Here is a nice article from on the variety of tools available for virtual teams.  Not necessarily software development teams either.  Okay, the source code control system mentioned is probably software development specific.  The really nice thing about the article is that one tool for each category is featured but there are also alternatives listed.

 Some comments on each:

1)  Skype - One day, skype will be known as another killer app.  Except this one will have killed a telecommunications giant or two.  No free tool on the market today will impact your team more than Skype.

2)  GoToMeeting - Have to disagree with the author here, WebEx would be my choice.  I've found that Java apps tend to be quite buggy themselves.  GoToMeeting has been a less pleasant experience for me personally.

3)  Basecamp - The anti Microsoft Project crowd loves this tool.  I'm probably in that camp myself.  If your project tracking is more complicated than what basecamp needs to track your project, you may have too many people on your project or too big a project for your team size.

4)  Google Calendar - The article dates itself here, since Basecamp has added a milestones feature.  It's even included in the free version.  Not to dismiss the usefulness of Google Calendar.  I've used it in many innovative ways and it is super easy to use.

5)  CVSDude - I'd probably take the cheap way out here and use my web host in this space (since I'm already paying for hosting and I'll never use the bandwidth allocation I have).  Just me.  I have a sense though that once these tools/services mature, I'll probably have a change of heart.

6)  Elephant Drive - Online backup is great, great thing.  I've been doing this for a number of years myself, using custom code, but I can't say I have direct experience with any of these options.

7)  Quickbooks - I'll defer to some of my clients with experience with Quickbooks online.  Simply put, they love it and they recommend it to everyone they know.  I know of no higher compliment.

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