Joining LocalFirstAz

LocalFirstAz.comAs I spend a lot of time in downtown Phoenix assisting clients, I am inevitably in all kinds of independent restaurants, bars and coffee spots lending my support to local businesses.  I'll save it for another post but supporting local businesses is the the only way to go about your business if you own a business.

Anyways, I'm always picking up fliers, reading bulletin boards and picking up as much info as I can.  One of these was the Small Wonders map published by Local First Arizona / Arizona Chain Reaction.  I can't begin to tell you how much recognition and support these small businesses deserve.  This map is just scratching the surface of the number of great services available to all of us.

Even though the map is only a start, I seriously RESPECT the effort put forth by Local First to do something, anything.  This has lead me to do my part and join Local First Arizona / Arizona Chain Reaction and I encourage you to as well.

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