Why do I support local businesses?

Why not? If you have a choice between sending profits back to another state or country, why not put them back into Arizona? Those dollars go right into your neighbors pocket, your school down the street and the quality of your community. If you're not supporting your community with your dollars or your time, why live there in the first place?

I don't know about you but I get much better service at my locally owned restaurant over the big chains. I just can't see the value in having this weeks' trainee bring or cook this quarters menu option. I would much rather have the owners son or daughter help me out because I know I am directly helping them. Perhaps I am also helping out the softball team they support. Perhaps I am helping their local vendors too. Perhaps this business will grow to a stage where they will hire someone like me, or a neighbor or a friend.

Self satisfaction and self fulfillment are the reasons I support local business.

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