Organic leads for your business

This article from the Duct Tape Marketing blog really hits home for me.  The point they make that

"Prospects that come to you by way of your information machine, that have logically progressed down a path of education, are probably ten times more likely to be ideal and equally more likely to close than those that you go out and try to convince to buy from you"

is just SO true.  For the past couple of years, I have dabbled in traditional advertising as well as buying keywords on search engines and monitoring every aspect of my campaigns and website.  Truth is, the majority of quality leads I get are from businesses doing their own research and finding me.  I call these organic leads.  It occurs through circumstances largely beyond my control.  It required almost no effort, beyond building and maintaining the website and offering my extensive knowledge for hire.

I also concur that, there is no more satisfaction than picking up the phone when it rings, rather than picking up and dialing all the time. 

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