Searched for a domain name lately?

Every once in a while, I do some free thinking.  Usually, I spend so much time thinking about or working on my client needs, I rarely get the chance to let my mind wander (or wonder).  Honest.  Often times, this free thinking leads to small business ideas.  Yes, I really do have this stuff on the brain.

It's easy to have a small business idea.  One game you can play, and I can't remember where I heard it, is to write down for one month straight, all of the little things that annoy you while carrying out your day.  It's said that... it won't take a week to come up with at least one idea or problem solver that others will pay you for.  Try it some time.

The hard part is naming your enterprise.  Any name you dream up, you have to be able to buy the domain name too.  Searching for the domain name is easy, all of the domain hosts make it easy, but finding an available name is tough, with a capital T.

I recently had one of these eureka moments where I came up with new business idea.  After kicking it around for a bit, I decided I had better search for a domain name.  The domain name availability is/was more important than the name itself.  I could care less what the business name is, as long as it's marketable and easy to remember.  As in, easy to type into a search engine or use direct navigation to get to once I have spent my dollars and hours marketing said name.

Long story short, the domain names I bought (of the very few available) were a long, long stretch from my original ideas for a name.  It just gets harder and harder every day to search or buy a good domain name.  Maybe making that task easier is a business idea unto itself.  I wonder if is available....

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