Independents week has me geeked!

If you haven't seen the news (or the web page), June 30 - July 6 is Independents Week in Arizona. The basic premise: take the pledge and buy local.

For me, the challenge is: how many ways can I find to shop local? Let's see...

1) I need a new windshield (thanks to the Arizona heat and yet another truck with a blowout on the 101). I guess that means a call to Diamond Auto Glass.

2) I need an AC checkup. I guess that means a call to a guy my wife met who is just starting out on his own.

3) I need groceries, so that means a trip to Bashas. This is doubly enjoyable because a neighbor manages a store and I'll give his store a little bump too.

4) I haven't played golf in something like 2 months, but I absolutely love the municipal course at Aguila, so count me in. The city and state governments need your help too.

5) The neighbors want to go eat Italian (hey, they're from Philly), so I think we'll go to Amano Bistro. A simply beautiful restaurant with the freshest food south of downtown.

6) One of my clients downtown is overdue for a courtesy call. Luckily, they are within walking distance of Athenian Express.

7) I'm ready to make another advertising buy, so I need to make up mind between one of the local papers, a magazine published by Republic Media or a direct mail campaign. I can do the printing for direct mail locally, but the postage might violate my 100% local pledge. Tough one.

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