Adding video to tell your small business story

I've been intrigued of late with adding some video to my company website.  Something to welcome the user or add some of the personal touch that may be lacking.  The problem I've had is that I had no clue what to say.  What else could I say that isn't already on the site?  I could tell some of the technology war stories that all developers, programmers, and architects have, but that only communicates to the technophile and not the small business owner I want to engage.

I definitely wanted to communicate my level of honesty but what would I do to express the emotion I have for this line of work.  Well, now I know.  I found this blog post, Are you asking these 11 stimulating interview questions..., by Tom Clifford.  Thanks Tom!  Tom encourages you to interview your employees using 11 common questions.  From those questions, you will get genuine responses that could then be edited together into a very effective message.  Great stuff!

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