Independents Week, how did you do?

I was extremely excited to participate in Independents Week last week (see post). Now it's time to recount the hits and misses from my original goals and a few surprises along the way. How did you do? I managed to spend $626.00 locally.

The surprises:

Chompies: Attended the COR3 Referral Group - Chompies meeting, but only had a soda. $3. P.S. Great group of people here, I may just join this group.

Casa Reynoso: A developer who works for a client, took me here for lunch on Tue for some great Tex-Mex food. $12

George & Dragon: I met up with some ex-coworkers for happy hour (and dinner) right before the Silverlight User Group meeting. $20

Amano Bistro: Also a miss but I did get my Italian locally, we went to La Piazza El Forno, in downtown Glendale. Fantastic! I will be back! $40

Diamondbacks: Took in the baseball game on Fri, hired a pedal cab, and had some amazing tamales from a stand right near section 138. $20

The hits:

New windshield: Done. $378.

Groceries: Done at Bashas Ahwatukee store. $146.

Golf: Done. Snuck out at 3pm on Wed. for Aguila. $7.

The misses:

AC checkup: They never called me back. Typical contractors....probably on Lake Havasu in the biggest boat you can imagine.

Ad buy: I couldn't get my graphics together in time, spending too much time managing my current projects.

Athenian Express: Client couldn't meet this week. So sad on two fronts (i.e. need to touch base with client and stomach needs some amazing Greek food).

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