Why are my arms so tired?

It's been a busy week.  Besides running a business this week, I've been:

1)  Restoring all of my contacts and calendar to my Treo PDA.  I love the Treo but last weekend, it just would not accept a warm reset.  The Windows Mobile screen would display but then nothing.  Had to do a hard reset.  Yep, lost everything in the phone.  You would think a software developer (like me) would backup every electronic device they own.  I did manage to find nice piece of backup software called Sprite.  I also found a tool called BirdieSync to keep my Mozilla Thunderbird email contacts synchronized with the Treo.  BirdieSync definitely falls into the "support the little guys" software category as recommended by Jeff Atwood.

2)  Shaking a lot of hands.  This week saw me networking at an eWomen Network luncheon.  Yes, eWomen Network.  Scott is a guy's name, in case you didn't know.  I won an invite to the luncheon while attending another networking event at the Arizona Small Business Association.  Let me say that if you are afraid to spend your lunch in a room with 65 women business owners, you are not interested in growing your business.  I was welcomed warmly, made some great contacts and I was able to share a few referrals of my own.

3)  Washing the dog.  Enough said.

4)  Lots and lots of scrolling through the Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault initiatives for a potential project.  Terms of Services.  Technical Documentation.  Documentation of my own (i.e. notes).

5) Pilates class on Friday, which is a great way to get in shape.  I also call it 2nd degree murder because if you happen to die during the workout, it wasn't really pre-meditated, it just happened during the course of events.

6)  Trying to help my wife improve the tone in her arms.  I agreed to help because I know the secret (your triceps are the biggest muscle in your arm, so they must burn).  Problem is, I need to get my arms back in shape too, so I exercised my arms way too hard.  This became apparent when I ...

7)  Played in a golf tournament on Saturday morning.  Trent, Mark, Mark and I played in a best ball scramble here at my home course in Laveen.  I couldn't turn it down but I could have skipped the arms workout the day prior, if I had any sense.  Congratulations to Trent on becoming a Certified ScrumMaster and Mark on his new gig in Scottsdale.  I'm not so sure we as a team deserve congratulations for our golf score but we did rank high on the fun scale.

8)  Fixing chicken & shrimp jambalaya on Saturday night.  The weather has really turned here and now we can spend some quality time on the patio (preferably cooking or barbecuing).  Jambalaya requires a ton of diced and shredded ingredients but I was committed to a great meal (following a great round of golf).

Like I said, my arms are tired!

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