Who needs custom software development? Part 1

Who needs custom software development?

The company that started with two or three people.  The CFO or accountant really knows Excel well.  Well enough to build a quick Excel application that tracks some aspect of the business.  The company becomes successful.  Before long there are way more than three people employed there.  The original application written by the founder(s) just can't support the number of users needed.  The original application cannot support the volume and veracity of data.  The CFO or accountant no longer has time to support the application.

They need software that is robust.  The need software with extensibility.  The need software that cannot be stolen or destroyed with a click or two.  The need features like they have in other software the company uses on a daily basis.  They need someone with experience building software, since there is no need to relive the current experience.

This company clearly needs help and hopefully, I will get a chance to provide that help.

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