Who needs custom software development? Part 3

Who needs custom software development?

The company purchased the assets of a bankrupt company.  They've seen one or more Microsoft Access databases in use there before the company went under.  They'd like to know if the software is any good.  They'd like to know if the software is more capable than the software they currently use to run the business processes.  The company also wants to know who the original developer is and if they are still in business as well.  They want to understand the licensing requirements of the application, should they decide to deploy it themselves.

They need an experienced software developer to review and document the system.  Preferably someone from outside their organization who has an unbiased opinion.  Preferably someone with some familiarity with their current software and/or business processes.

This company has a clearly defined need and hopefully, I will get a chance to help them make an informed decision.

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