Who needs custom software development? Part 4

Who needs custom software development?

The company had custom software built to their specifications at least 5 years ago.  The project was a success, but the system is starting to show its age.  It is becoming increasingly harder to install and configure the software on newly purchased hardware.  The system would benefit from the addition of workflow automation.  The company has expanded into new markets that were never envisioned at the time of the original design.

They need a new software developer with experience in workflow automation.  They need to revise the specifications of the design, keeping the parts that work efficiently while adapting to the new products or services being sold.  They'd like to have a fresh perspective from their software provider, not someone who will just update the existing application base to the newest release.

This company has experience with custom software development and hopefully, I will be able to help them build a system capable of delivering value today, tomorrow and in the future.

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