Who needs custom software development? Part 6

Who needs custom software development?

The company has locations and sales staff dispersed all across the country.  Each year the sales staff must develop a sales plan, which encompasses all of the goals for each location and sales team member.  The sales plans are then mailed into a central corporate office for approval.  The company has always done it this way and accepted the slow pace of aggregation and further dissemination to corporate staff.

Along comes a tech savvy executive vice president of sales and marketing, who joins the corporate staff.  The EVP convinces upper management to invest in a web application where each locations' manager or staff can enter these goals directly.  Information will then be available for quicker review and approval.  Data mining and analysis can occur in real time.  Everyone involved will reap the benefits of live, up to the minute data.

This company needs a software developer to design, implement, test and deploy this web application and hopefully, I will have the opportunity to use my skills, and past experience building web applications, to implement this time and money saving solution.

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