Which open source wiki is right for you?

Given my complete disdain for creating help files (see HTMLHelp, MAML, RoboHelp) and Microsoft's own wavering over CHM files and MAML, I needed to make the conversion to a wiki based solution for my projects.  Wow, where does one start?  With the last wiki tool I used and hated or the one before that I despised.  You see, wiki authoring tools are clunky.  Clunky to install, clunky to edit and nearly impossible to get configuration support for.

Luckily, I stumbled across WikiMatrix.  They have a Wiki Choice Wizard that will guide you through the decision process.  Want page history?  Click here.  Want support vendors?  Want localization?  Click here and here.  After 6 or so questions, voila, here is a list of a wikis that meet your criteria.  As you click on each one of the wikis for a closer look, you get a complete list of features.  Even syntax examples!  Thank you WikiMatrix and thank you CosmoCode for creating it!

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