Is blue my color?

I keep seeing blue in my life.  Blue is the color of the Microsoft logo, whose tools and technology have provided me so many fantastic opportunities in life and business.  Blue is the color of my golf bag, which does a fantastic job of getting me away from the computer screen (now and again).  Blue is the color of my motorcycle helmet, which is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.  Blue is the color I chose for my company logo.  Blue is the color of Bloglines, which I use to great effect to aggregate all of my business and technology news feeds and blog authors.  Blue is in the logo of Tempe, where a majority of my clients are based and where I help organize a networking group called Tempe Networking for Entrepeneurs.  Blue is the color my father chose for some of the best Camaros and Corvettes of my youth.  Blue is the color of the ocean, where my wife loves to vacation.  The blue sky lured me away from the gray days of Kansas City.

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