Having more than one value proposition

As I market my services to various clients from various backgrounds, I'm always trying to come up with a unique value proposition that communicates to them.  It's not that I want to appear superior to their alternatives, but I do want them to understand what makes me unique.  Sometimes I use

"Hiring an experienced software developer who knows what their doing before they start is much more cost effective than paying someone else to learn"

which works well if a customer is interested in completing a project and are not making an investment in someone else's capabilities.  Sometimes I use

"I know how to go straight from point A to point B while some are good at talking about going from A to B and others are like to start on the path from A, get distracted and take twice as long to get to B.  I have a laser like focus on the task at hand"

which works well if a customer has been disappointed in capabilities of another developer or development team.  Sometimes I use

"My experience with 50+ projects in 10+ industries has given me insights about how those businesses are run that might provide value in unexpected ways to your project"

which works well if a client is unsure that I can complete the project using a new toolset or technology.

I see now that you cannot have one unique value proposition.  Every situation, every project and every client is different.  Not only are they different, they are unique.  I also see now that I am not a salesperson applying a closing method.  I'm there to listen, learn and offer something of value.  If that means I have to be honest with someone, rather than packaged, so be it.

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