My electronic pulse is returning to normal

Somewhere about 2 years ago, my wife and I decided we had earned a two week vacation in our (not so) short lifetimes.  Many a places were discussed, Costa Rica was the choice.  We saved and saved.  We plotted and planned.  We flew and drove.  Costa Rica was a fantastic vacation.



It meant severing most of my electronic ties for two weeks.  No smartphone.  No blogs.  No programming.  No news.  No community.  Barely any email.  It was rough.  Ok, not really.  I learned to live without it.  We kept ourselves very busy the first week doing the adventure part, so my longings faded really fast.  We spent the second week on the beach and I found myself immersed in two autobiographies, iWoz by Steve Wozniak and Clapton by E.C. himself.


Upon my return, it felt SO good to feel my electronic pulse returning.  Instantaneous communication with my network.  Sorting through the 1000's of posts in my Bloglines account (SMB, Tech and Software).  Updating the ball and chain called Facebook.  Actually writing software again.  Feeling comfy with my frameworks and toolsets.  Parsing my email.  It felt better than great, I felt normal.  I feel like I have a pulse, albeit electronic, again.

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