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2018.07.20 Suggestions/comments on software development agreements

2017.07.05 What I wish I knew about Stripe, before I started

2016.01.05 Random thoughts

2015.12.11 arvixe hosting completely blew it

2015.12.02 the blog is back

2009.12.08 the real deep internet

2009.11.23 improving software the right way

2009.10.30 font industry deserves disruption

2009.10.15 cms or cope

2009.10.02 random thoughts september 2009

2009.10.02 considering microsofts free antivirus software

2009.09.27 life is good

2009.09.24 check out downtown phoenix journal

2009.09.07 random thoughts august 2009

2009.08.27 a great post on xml and big data

2009.08.13 a better use for a botnet

2009.08.06 a great unobtrusive idea from killie6 com

2009.07.31 random thoughts july 2009

2009.07.17 cost of microsofts new cloud services

2009.07.10 the secret to business success

2009.07.10 100 essential skills for geeks how did i score

2009.07.09 random thoughts june 2009

2009.06.27 trying to motivate your software development team

2009.06.26 the netbook lies

2009.06.21 lazy evaluation rocks your face people

2009.06.20 random thoughts may 2009

2009.06.20 a software developer needs resolve

2009.05.05 go big or go home

2009.05.03 random thoughts april 2009

2009.04.23 net isolated storage

2009.04.09 open innovation for small business networking

2009.04.02 geek porn google server revealed

2009.04.01 random thoughts march 2009

2009.04.01 my electronic pulse is returning to normal

2009.03.31 trimming an it budget at mid size company

2009.03.04 net framework 35 graphically described

2009.03.03 having more than one value proposition

2009.03.01 random thoughts february 2009

2009.02.25 slate and the internet of 1996

2009.02.14 is blue my color

2009.02.08 required reading for junior software developers

2009.02.02 random thoughts january 2009

2009.01.29 the power of the network is strong in everyone

2009.01.29 open source aspnet projects

2009.01.24 which open source wiki is right for you

2009.01.23 competition will fix the recession

2009.01.16 why bother if you are not the best

2009.01.16 heres an original idea a meeting with yourself

2009.01.15 who needs custom software development part 7

2009.01.10 random thoughts december 2008

2008.12.21 a hosting conversation

2008.12.19 who needs custom software development part 6

2008.12.11 who needs custom software development part 5

2008.12.05 who needs custom software development part 4

2008.11.30 who needs custom software development part 3

2008.11.26 who needs custom software development part 2

2008.11.23 who needs custom software development part 1

2008.11.06 random thoughts october 2008

2008.11.06 microsoft bizspark right time right market

2008.11.01 improving aspnet performance

2008.11.01 a chink in the small business armor

2008.10.11 considering a dotnetnuke install

2008.10.05 using gmail in your business think twice

2008.10.03 random thoughts september 2008

2008.10.01 whats in that net assembly

2008.10.01 visual studio 2010

2008.09.22 why are my arms so tired

2008.09.15 how much net experience is the right amount

2008.09.12 why writing software is so hard

2008.09.09 is your software project a super tanker or a speed boat

2008.09.03 the perfect small business the perfect big business

2008.09.01 random thoughts august 2008

2008.08.30 my favorite kind of project posting not

2008.08.29 southeast valley net users group sevdnug

2008.08.27 what does the search engine of the future look like

2008.08.27 is there a free sharepoint

2008.08.22 10 traits of the salesman beast

2008.08.12 reporting tools for microsoft net

2008.08.12 inside peek at new latitude

2008.08.02 repeat business is the best business to have

2008.08.01 readability and your small business website

2008.07.31 random thoughts july 2008

2008.07.31 geekdom admit one

2008.07.22 soapui is a developers friend

2008.07.18 web site scalability tips at highscalabilitycom

2008.07.10 microsoft certified master its only 18500

2008.07.06 independents week how did you do

2008.07.02 random thoughts june 2008

2008.06.29 adding video to tell your small business story

2008.06.26 independents week has me geeked

2008.06.17 third party controls haunt old systems

2008.06.17 looking back on a career or entrepeneurship

2008.06.15 random thoughts may 2008

2008.06.15 entrepeneurs need convincing

2008.06.06 signs of a death march software project

2008.06.02 searched for a domain name lately

2008.05.10 using technology to go international

2008.05.10 random thoughts april 2008

2008.05.10 organic leads for your business

2008.05.02 why i love imap

2008.04.27 why do i support local businesses

2008.04.20 joining localfirstaz

2008.03.30 random thoughts march 2008

2008.03.30 more on the value of business analysts

2008.03.30 could your business use a data wall

2008.03.20 the modesty of new hires always surprises

2008.03.13 sql server data services or ssds slowly being revealed

2008.03.09 windows vista criticism reaches a lawsuit

2008.03.02 newest and latest vs works and works well

2008.02.28 california only elects performers

2008.02.23 20 questions to succeed in business as applied to my biz

2008.02.17 what i learned at the arizona senior olympics

2008.02.13 random thoughts february 2008

2008.02.10 software for virtual teams

2008.01.31 telecommutingthe good the bad but not the ugly

2008.01.25 the process of hiring software developers

2008.01.20 windows vista criticism reaches a crescendo

2008.01.19 project blackbox

2008.01.19 making the leap quickbooks 50 to quickbooks pro 2008 pt 2

2008.01.17 government policy can encourage growth of entrepeneurship

2008.01.16 making the leap quickbooks 50 to quickbooks pro 2008 pt 1

2008.01.13 were you educated to be an employee and not an employer

2008.01.09 you can always expand

2008.01.06 the best columnist on business intelligence

2008.01.05 the death of email again

2007.12.30 should your software developers be certified

2007.12.28 the importance of the business analysts

2007.12.22 diary of buying a business

2007.12.20 why i cant place a value on my precious time

2007.12.20 my first introduction to continuous improvement

2007.12.08 business intelligence will help small business eventually

2007.12.02 where are the phoenix bloggers

2007.11.18 thank you microsoft is now thank you nunit

2007.11.17 economic development in phoenix who knew

2007.11.13 would you make a sale if your business was closed

2007.11.07 is your small business the target of hackers

2007.11.04 growing your software with your business

2007.10.31 always seek an outside opinion

2007.10.30 plenty of business opportunities exist in existing markets

2007.10.27 phoenix city sales taxes are a burden to small business

2007.10.25 when is a database not a database

2007.10.23 run a business on free software

2007.10.21 make an impact on the first impression

2007.10.18 windows update history

2007.10.18 is that really a business in arizona

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